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​Free Standing Wood Stove Cleaning 

Free standing wood stoves are less difficult to clean than unlined wood stoves. Some minor disassembly required in order to clean properly.
Oil Furnace Flue Sweep

Oil and Gas flues do require a complete sweep from time to time. More importantly, an inspection. Cleaning is from the exhaust to the top of the chimney. Written report included.
Gas Fireplace Service

A through inspection and testing of the Gas Log set. Included showing you how to turn on & off the pilot light. Written report included.
Serving Montgomery County, Howard County, Frederick County, Washington County and Carroll County.
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Chimney Repair Free Estimates

We are a licensed, insured & bonded company in the State of Maryland. 

If you have chimney repair needs, please give us a call.
Inspection Services    $125.00

If you have questions or concerns before using your fireplace, wood stove or any other related appliance, a through inspection is a great idea. With an inspection you can get peace of mind, a written report and an understand of your chimney flue system. 

Dryer Vent Services

We have the experience and knowledge to troubleshoot, repair and install venting pipe. We can clean and service dryer venting systems and give you a written report of our observations.

Chimney Cleaning Services    $195.00

Fireplaces, Wood Stoves, Gas/Oil Furnaces flue & Pellet Stoves. We clean them all. Along with all cleaning services, a through performed to the highest standards. A written report is given to you and any questions will be answered.

Unlined Wood Stove Cleaning 

Unlined wood stoves are much more difficult to clean and require more time.​ Written inspection report included.